BridgeBit’s Solution for Active Customers: Ensuring Seamless Service



At BridgeBit, we’ve devised a customer-friendly solution for those who actively use our cards but occasionally fall below the $10 balance required for the monthly fee. Here’s how it works:

  1. Automatic Coverage of Fees: For active customers whose balances dip below $10, we advance the $10 monthly fee without sending any immediate notifications. This ensures uninterrupted service. The advanced amount is deducted from the customer’s next top-up, clearly reflected in their transaction history as a $10 payment for the monthly fee.
  2. Notification Process for Inactive Periods: If a customer does not top up their account throughout a month and the balance remains insufficient to cover the fee:
  • Five Days Before Month-End: The customer receives an email notification indicating that their card will be deactivated if the balance issue is not resolved.
  • Two to Three Days Before Month-End: Another reminder email is sent to provide ample time for the customer to take action.
  • Final Imminent Warning: On the day the deactivation is imminent, a final email notification is sent.
  • Additional Support Contact: If the customer has previously interacted with our support team via chat, we also reach out to them through Telegram, ensuring that all possible communication channels are utilized to prevent any disruption in service.

By implementing these steps, we strive to ensure that no active customer experiences unnecessary service interruptions. Our goal is to provide a seamless and supportive experience, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability.

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